Wednesday, October 26, 2022

“He Has Had A Few Problems, He Can Be Too Rash”, Jamie Redknapp Names The Player Who Is The Biggest Issue For Arsenal

Jamie Redknapp said that Arsenal’s centre-back Gabriel Magalhaes is “a little rash” and a weakness for Mikel Arteta.

The Sky commentator also said that Gabriel tries to “win every ball”. He pointed out Gabriel’s mistakes in Arsenal colours this season, like the goal he gave away against Fulham, his penalty against Tottenham, and his nervous performance against Liverpool.


Gabriel and Ben White played together in the middle of Arsenal’s defence last season. Mikel Arteta’s team missed out on a spot in the Champions League on the last day of the season.


Arsenal’s problems weren’t with their defence. In fact, both Gabriel and White had good seasons. Arteta’s problems started to get worse when he got injured.


Even so, when the highly rated William Saliba came back to north London after another loan, Arteta wasn’t sure where Saliba fit in.


The former midfielder didn’t think twice about putting the Frenchman right into the starting lineup alongside Gabriel and moving White to right back. After 11 games, this has turned out to be a brilliant move.


Redknapp told Sky Sports Football that he has been “impressed” by Arsenal, but he thinks Gabriel has some problems at the back.


What did Jamie Redknapp say about the Arsenal player?

Redknapp said, “I’ve been so happy with Arsenal. But if you’re looking for a place where you might have some success, it’s against Gabriel.



He’s had some trouble. He gave up a goal to Fulham, a penalty to Tottenham, and a goal to Liverpool. Gabriel also looked shaky at times against Liverpool. He can be a bit quick to act. He works hard to win every game.”


Since Gabriel moved to Arsenal for £27 million in 2020 (Sky Sports), he has become the club’s most important defender. But now that Saliba is there, he is better and has more experience. So, the 21-year-old could say that he is the main man at the back.


During the first few months of the season, he has been one of the best players in the Premier League, not just for his team.


Now, they need to keep up this level of play until the most important parts of the season, which will happen after the World Cup in Qatar.


Gabriel has been a great addition to the Gunners since they bought him for £23 million from Lille in 2020. So far this season, he has played every league minute for the club, which has helped them get to the top of the table.


What’s next for Gabriel?

The 24-year-old was given a new long-term contract on Friday, which will keep him in the Emirates until 2027.


He has, however, made some mistakes that got a lot of attention and almost cost Arsenal valuable points, especially in games against Fulham, Tottenham, Liverpool, and Leeds.


So, some people think that the Brazilian could use a break from the starting lineup, especially since Ben White and William Saliba are playing so well.


Campbell doesn’t agree with that, though. He told Metro Sport that there was “no chance at all” that Arsenal would drop Gabriel.

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