Monday, February 6, 2023

8 Arsenal Fans Arrested Recently For Making This One Mistake; Here’s Why

The Story Involving Arsenal Fans!! Sporting fans and football ones in particular always tend to enjoy their team’s win. The celebrations never seem to be enough when a team is doing well. On the other hand, the criticism is equally harsh, when a side struggles. That is why, the fans of any sport, especially FOOTBALL, showcase a lot of passion when their team plays.

With that being said, some fans just go overboard. This could hurt them in certain ways and punishment is given where deserved. One such case recently showed up within a group of Arsenal fans.

Now, the incident that happened didn’t involve Arsenal fans from the UK. It was an incident that took place after the win against Manchester United in Uganda. Once an Arsenal fan, always an Arsenal fan. So, the thing with these Arsenal fans was that they went a bit overboard.


How often do we say this in football!! It is the case all around the world, though in this case, it was an honest mistake. If they probably lived in any other country, they might have even gotten away with it. But not in Uganda!!

From the report, it seems that at least eight Arsenal fans were arrested. The group of these Gooners were celebrating the win over the Red Devils. At that point, they were sporting the club’s red jersey and carrying a symbolic trophy in Jinja.

The police said in their statement that they did not have the permit to hold such a procession. They were travelling in a convoy of five vehicles, when stopped by the local authorities. This is a public order offence in the country. It just went from joy to tears for these fans, rather quickly.

Despite that, the reason for their celebrations was not POLITICAL. Also, they were not protesting. So, this will surely work in their favour. At the end of the day, Arsenal is everything!! #COYG

The Scenario At The Top Of The Premier League Table Since Then!!
The Gunners are still on top of the points table at present. They have been leading the top flight of English football for quite some time. Things aren’t looking too bright for the Cityzens at present. They have some issues of their own to deal with.

Despite all the drama, Arsenal are on top of the table. They lead the reigning champions by five points and have a game in hand. Keeping that in mind, this title race is far from over. It should ideally go down to the wire, if things remain as they are now. Either team can still win it, or there can be a major upset somewhere in the making.

Things could get interesting in the days to come. For now, Arsenal fans will be really delighted with the position that their team is in. Let’s hope that it continues to be as interesting as it is now. Only time will tell!!

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