Sunday, April 23, 2023

Wayne Rooney: Arsenal keeper Ramsdale closest I've seen to Schmeichel

Former England captain Wayne Rooney has likened Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale to Manchester United great Peter Schmeichel.

Ramsdale has struggled in recent games for the Gunners.

But Rooney wrote for The Times: “I’m a big fan of Aaron Ramsdale.

“Despite his slip-up against Southampton, he has made a number of fantastic saves and played with huge presence.

“Normally, with goalkeepers, you want them to have character and presence but you want them to have calmness as well.

“If you’re going to be as vocal and extrovert as Ramsdale, you have to back it up with your performances, because otherwise it all looks a bit cocky.

“Well, he does and he reminds me of Peter Schmeichel. Obviously, Ramsdale has to keep improving to get near Schmeichel’s levels but the whole package makes him the closest thing I’ve seen for a long time to the Great Dane.”

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