Thursday, May 4, 2023

Arsenal defender Zinchenko: Fans need to remember we're a young team

Arsenal defender Oleks Zinchenko has urged fans not to forget the youth of the team.

The Gunners are again in second-place after Manchester City defeated West Ham on Wednesday night to return to the top.

“Well, obviously the manager has already said to us a couple of things we’ve done badly, what we’ve done good and of course, it’s not acceptable at this level to concede so many goals and we need to improve on that,” Zinchenko said.

“But we’re human beings, we’re still learning and we’re such a young team as well so I hope for the future we’re going to do much better.

“Obviously, we are I think the youngest team in the league. No excuses, but that is a thing to be thinking about.

“We have no experience of champions and then obviously, sometimes if we want to try, if we want to play good like we was playing from the start of the season we have to try and sometimes we do right and sometimes we do wrong.”

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