Sunday, July 9, 2023

DONE DEAL: Manchester United All Set To Complete A Deal For This Arsenal Main-Man

The Red Devils are looking to make an epic steal for this Arsenal main-man. This is due to the comments of manager Erik Ten Hag. It wasn’t clear what could have been the implications of what he said. However, it seems that things are now much clearer than before. And the end result is this deal that is nearly done.

Ten Hag had said last season, “Manchester City at home [2-1 victory in January] was the only time that United had a fully fit squad. Apart from that, every time, every game is a player suspended, injured, illness. So we have to deal with. I see Arsenal, they almost have all the time a squad that is totally available.”

So at that time, everyone thought that the Dutchman was making excuses. Or he was just jealous. Or maybe, he was losing the plot. But now, everyone has an idea of what he meant!!

Manchester United Are Now All Set To Sign This Arsenal Main-Man!!
Not every star is always a player. Sometimes, it’s the manager, a coach, or at times, even a physio or a doctor. Lot of people are involved with big clubs like Arsenal and Manchester United. And the end result is a mixed bag of results and emotions.

And though Arsenal didn’t win the League, they finished second, after a brilliant campaign where they outperformed most other sides and performed beyond everyone’s expectations. But, at the end of the day, titles and trophies matter. There is no award for a second-place finish.

The Gunners’ doctor Gary O’Driscoll will be making the switch to Old Trafford soon. He is expected to remain in his current role at present. This will be the transitional period, prior to a full-time switch. He will be leaving the club after a period of 14 years now!!

Here’s what David Ornstein had to say!!

Will This Move Actually Do Any Good For The Red Devils!?

Well, a doctor that has worked with a top English team like Arsenal will surely have the experience a rival would need. However, at the end of the day, the Gunners’ overall fitness record hasn’t been the best one either. So, they are not one of brag about player fitness frankly.

Now, what is Erik Ten Hag’s and Manchester United’s main reason to sign him, is still not known. Don’t think it would be just based on last season. More than a decade of experience and getting one of the best guys from the medical team of a big rival, would surely play a part in this decision. At least, the fans would be hoping that is the case.

Whether the decision is a good one or not, remains to be seen though. For now, Arsenal still have him for some time. But, he will be leaving the Emirates prior to the end of the current transfer window!!

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