Saturday, August 5, 2023

Arsenal Boss, Arteta Reveals why Declan Rice Joins Up and His Sole Mission

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta says Declan Rice is ready to face Manchester City in Sunday’s Community Shield.

Rice chose to join Arsenal ahead of City when leaving West Ham this summer.


Arteta said: “We just explained our thoughts on him, the place we are building and what his role is going to be in the club. He and his family bought into that from day one and we’re delighted to have him.


“(He’s) a player that is already excellent, make sure that we don’t make him worse! Let us praise his personality and the way he feels the game in the right way. If we can help him with a few things, that’s what we try to do. We try to accommodate his qualities to the team to be better.


“The important thing now is that when we have a target we have the resources that we need to bring that player in but as well that we can convince him and what we tell him excites him, that he feels inspired and he wants to be part of it. That is the feeling we are getting with every player I want to sign but as well with the players we already have here are the ones that we really have to look after that they maintain that feeling and willingness to be here and drive the club to better every day and for them as players, improve every day as well.


“His leadership skill is unquestionable and when you meet him and spend five minutes with him. You already get the feeling and impression that he will help so much, the dressing room and approach that we want to take in games and have the initiative in our way of living. Things take time and they have to be natural and if it has to happen it will happen.”

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