Monday, September 18, 2023

Arsenal boss Arteta: I want the best for Everton

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta admits it’s special winning at Everton.

The result marked a first win in six years at Goodison Park for the club.


“Six years without a win here is a long time, so we had to learn some lessons, we had to be better,” said Arteta. “I am delighted for the win but especially the way we won it, the way we played, how dominant we were, the presence that we showed on the pitch. We fully deserved to win the game.


“I think we had many other openings to put the ball in the last line and to put somebody in the box and finalise. Credit to Everton, they defended the box extremely well, and they had some big, big blocks when we opened them up. It’s great to have other ways to score goals, it gives you different resources and be more unpredictable.”


The former Everton midfielder also said: “It’s a special place for me, obviously I have a big emotional attachment for this club and I am extremely grateful for the time I had here.


“I want the best for them except for when we play against them, and today we are fortunate that we won the game.


“[Our supporters are] incredible. Every ground, every day, they keep getting better and better I think, they are enjoying the moment. They are incredibly important for us, and hopefully everybody showed their appreciation for all the time and effort they put in to always be with us. I’ll see you on Wednesday!”

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